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Earn points on every in-store purchase and redeem for exclusive discounts and products. Enjoy special bonuses and tiered benefits as you shop.
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How It Works

1. Sign up for My CrownRewards and receive your unique loyalty card. 🎉

2. Shop or book services at our partner stores and earn points with every purchase. 🛍️💇‍♀️

3. Redeem your points for exciting rewards and special offers. 🎁🏆

4. Enjoy exclusive benefits and a personalized shopping experience. 💎✨

Why Partner with Us?

Engage with your customers daily and build lasting loyalty. 🤝

Offer exclusive rewards tailored to your customers' preferences. 🎯

Track and analyze customer engagement to optimize your offerings. 📊

Integrate the rewards program seamlessly into your daily operations. 🛒💼

Make every transaction meaningful and valuable for both you and your customers. 💡💖

Exclusive Perks & Added Value

Our outstanding partners drive exclusive perks that add value to your daily life. 🌟

Experience savings and benefits tailored to your loyalty. 💵

Engage with a community that values and supports each other. 👐

Every interaction is a step towards greater rewards and satisfaction. 🎉